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Home Theatre festival 2019
Email for an invitation
Free demos of our  Ultra first class  cinemas in Pattaya
Contacts us now to get your exclusive invite to the Home cinema festival—-
complete with a tender Aussie beef barbecue- and open bar!!
Latest small sized LED travel projector to be given away to a lucky festival guest!
Free limo transfer to and from your residence to the festival  venue
Email your application now to:
Phone +668 (0)8 15777160 Thailandor +359 888190229 Bulgaria
 For your free invitation to the private cinema festival–
please email us with the following info:
1)Name, Address, telephone
2) Preferred language
3) special requests/requirements when attending the event
4)occupation, Facebook or website
5) location where you may have your home cinema installed
6) preferences of equipment such as 2 or 4K streaming or disk/ hard-drive content
7) sound required
8) Room acoustics, decoration and furnishing desired?
9) 4D moving seat effects -if required
Please tell us the date that suits you to attend;
Festival schedual:
6pm Opening screenings in private theatre A
6pm 4 D discussion and HD Demo theatre A
6pm Surround sound demo and info for installation –theatre A & B
6pm Screen surface and room decorating requirements and demo –in theatre A & B
6pm home movies filmed abd projected in 3D demo –theatre B
6pm streaming Media –theatre A
6pm 3D blueray 3D demo –in theatre B
6pm 4 k Blueray demo –in theatre B
6pm Netflicks 4K Ultra demo in theatre B