Pattaya Chonburi ECO FILM FESTIVAL Pattaya–18-20 Jan 2019

Pattaya Chonburi ECO FILMtheatres FESTIVAL

 Pattaya– Fri, Sat, Sun, 18 to 20 Jan  2019

Every student in Chonburi province can enter a short film
 ”Sharpen up your mini phone cameras and edit tools”
(films of seven 7 minutes plus)

Films to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo

They will be voted for by festival pass holders– as part of the  judging.

Nomination winning films will be screened at the Pattaya Chonburi ECO  Film Festival……. A celebrity studded event. 12-14th May 2017

Public screening of the best short films judged by a celebrity panel and the audience

The festival aim:  producing short  films– nurturing  an appreciation of our oceans, waterways, land and air preservation

The event will lead young people to a brighter–  sustainable future

  (Prize donors, judges and relatives, are not eligible to enter films)
Judging panel must not be related to/associates or friends with entrants.
Audience reaction at final screenings will affect points for final judging
Judges decision final

Judged in category’s that give everyone a fair chance of winning major cash and prizes

Sponsorship and PRIZES contributed by individuals, Company’s,  and organizations  who wish to facilitate this urgent priority  & motivating festival theme

Partners to be  invited— will include:

 Pattaya city Hall to instill a civic tenability to the event, administration & organizational services, co-ordinate and facilitate the use of public areas and services for  accommodating the festival. Contribute posters and banners in Public areas to create awareness of the festival.

Communications and administration will be in cooperation with Pattaya City hall staff

Thai  &  Pattaya television/media: to publicize the event and encourage film makers to submit their productions. Sponsor their television stars and personalities to attend and present at the festival events. To Air the best of environment films in their  years programming

 Major and SFX Cinemas invited to  to provide use of their facility’s for the festival, and continue to screen the best environmental  films from the festival, as part of their years film programme. Unfortunately air conditioned auditoriums will need to be used in summer.

Celebrity Judges –impartial to contest entrants, and from a diverse cross section of the Thai and World Media and Government

Schools University To distribute information to encourage students to make, enter and attend screenings. As extra encouragement, Nominated Teachers and Professors who’s students win– will be distributed part of the prizes

Pattaya Business houses To present window displays with a Film festival theme. Prizes and awards presented to the best displays

Sponsor’s will be invited to contribute prizes,  provide their facility’, catering services, and  transport services to the festival and VIP attendee’s

The main aim of the festival to create environmental awareness & promote Chonburie’s Provinces Idyllic travel destinations …

Sponsors will be acknowledged for their contribution at every opportunity

NGO Organizers will work unpaid, on a voluntary basis. City hall to help facilicate government formalitys for foreign volunteers

Students short film entries may be uploaded to Youtube. or Vimeo The festival website will link to the short films once the application is received. Viewers with festival passes can make their audience award vote. This  will be part of the nomination process. Winners will have their films screened and awarded at the festival event

Film makers wishing to protect copyright may upload to a secure website –that judges only can view. Filmmakers are guaranteed security from piracy. Other media delivery methods will be considered on request

Event & prize Category’s:

Best environment awareness short film from a film school student (from 7 minutes long)

Best environmental awareness short film from a university student                                  ”

Best environmental awareness  short film from a secondary school student                ”

Best environmental short  film from a professional filmmaker (7 to 60 minutes)  

Each of the four catagorys will recieve 25 percent of the total prizes

Films can be in Thai or English with visa versa subtitles

Student Filmmakers will be asked to nominate the teacher or professor who nurtured their project. They will be included in prize disbursement of winning films

To be fair to students— your school must be accredited and written proof of your current attendance is required. Some form of evidence may be required that the film was actually made by the student (This is to ensure professions are not included in this category)

The majority of festival advertising will be in the Chonburi Provence area – giving local students a high chance of winning.

Check out this film fore some ideas:

Enjoy seafood from the most isolated oceans? see whats your getting– here:

Applications received to date for consideration inclusion in festival:


Nicobar, a long way… , Documentary, India, 2016
Richa Hushing <?????????????>
Yesterday, 10:57 PM


Dear Festival Team,

I am Richa Hushing, a documentary filmmaker from India.

It would be my pleasure to have my film screen at Pattaya Chonburi ECO FILM FESTIVAL.
The film is selected so far in following festivals –
– Millennium Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 2017
– World Film Festival, Tartu, Estonia, 2017
– Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, 2017
– Festival Film Library of the RAI FF, Bristol, 2017
– International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, India, 2016.
Below are the film details and link to full film and trailer.
60 min / India / 2016 / Nicobarese / English & French Subtitles
Synopsis – 

The film observes the island culture and reorientation of identities of its aboriginal inhabitants, the Nicobarese, in the wake of one of the world’s deadliest disasters – the Tsunami of December 26th 2004. Seven years after, the film looks at the erstwhile self-contained universe now scattered and fragmented to eventually amalgamate in a much larger world order over which they have little control. 

Link to the film –


PRIZE MONEY pledged to 4 Feb

prize image

 Promoting Volunteer clean ups to assist local government on regular basis

Assist Local government build  and empty Garbage traps on waterway outlets to sea

Assist local government in upgrading garbage disposal facilities

Value of instilling environmental conscious to world communities : PRICELESS

see this link to a festival in Washington DC ,USA :

Below: Newspaper ad for a previous film Festival event that we worked on


Award from the Mayor of the Australian town where Mr Kevin Baglow of FILMTHEATRES.COM organized the Film Festival
Award from the Mayor of the Australian town where Mr Kevin Baglow of FILMTHEATRES.COM organized many Film Festival. Traveling film festivals also reached outlying ares.