completed project

aussie film fest ste

26-29  Jan. 2017

One film  screening each THURS, FRI &   SAT  nights

One film screening Saturday Sunday afternoon

Tickets available in advance at the festival info booth.

Registered festival attendees have seats held for each screening

Sponsored prizes for winning audience participants

Sponsored prizes for holidays  could be won by the audience

Sponsored after-parties for VIP registered attendants

Rewards for the deserving! Parties sponsored by contributing company’s for volunteers and VIP attendees of the festival

Promotional cost

Provided by The Media FOC

Celebrity appearance attendee cost


Organization and administration

Provided by volunteers of Pattaya film Festival

 Long term objectives

Monthly screenings of unique films, culminating in an annual International Film Festival for Pattaya

This will be a major tourist attraction for Pattaya. The event would give Pattaya a higher level of National & international prestige.